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Corporate Expansion

Fly High, Inc. under the direction of Karel Van Der Linden is seeking to expand our Fixed Base Operation group

Corporate Strategy:

  • Use corporate chain experience (Mercury Air Centers and Marriott International) without the corporate chain overhead to establish a small group of unique FBO locations within the southeast region and to grow those locations to be strong, well-known, and respected while contributing to the local economy
  • High customer centered service standards expected by the corporate jet market while retaining the unique characteristics that serve the general aviation community so well
  • Staff focus – Crew made up of local aviation veterans and student pilots
  • Website design – modern, informative and dynamic
  • FBO specific software solution – Total FBO (real time, web based)
  • Use expertise in fuel purchasing and contract fuel to give the FBO a competitive edge in the market
  • Emphasis on marketing the airport and local area
  • Work with local tourism partners to offer Fly In Packages featuring local accommodations and attractions
  • Google Pay per click advertising campaign
  • Direct mail and email marketing campaigns
  • FaceBook social media campaign – build a base of “Airport Friends”
  • Giving back through Annual Community Events

We invite interested airport authorities and existing FBO owner/operators to contact us for more information.

Karel Van Der Linden
Director, Fly High, Inc.
Cell: 404-867-5535