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IMAGINEAIR provides on-demand private air travel that helps you get out of your car and fly over traffic, turning a 3 to 8 hour drive into a 1 to 2 hour flight.

Fly up to 3 in your party for the price of 1, and get home in time for dinner. IMAGINEAIR services an extensive network of airports, most within 15 minutes of your destination. Quickly, easily and comfortably fly to virtually any airport within 500 miles from Lexington.

Aircraft Available for Charter:

Cirrus SR-22

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X8 Aviation was founded with the mission of providing our clients with unparalleled service in the areas of aircraft charter, acquisitions, management and sales. We use our decades of combined experience to orchestrate every transaction with honesty, integrity and efficiency.

Our fleet of meticulously maintained private jets are based at several key locations throughout North Carolina, making them available on short notice to our clients all over the Mid-Atlantic. Coupled with our international network of safety-rated partners; we are able to provide unparalleled private charter services to our clients anywhere, anytime.

We bring the same level of integrity and professionalism to the areas of aircraft management, sales and aircraft acquisitions. We excel in understanding the complexities involved in every facet of an aircraft purchase and optimizing the aircraft’s operation. We use our expertise to guide every client through the process of selling or purchasing an aircraft. We then seamlessly provide all of the necessary management services to offset the cost of ownership and tailor a program to meet your needs.

X8 Aviation proudly offers our clients world wide with a higher level of private aviation services.

Aircraft Available for Charter:

Hawker 400 XP

Hawker 400 XPR

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