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Crew Cars

KEXX Crew CarsWhether you’re flying in for business, pleasure, or just to explore the attractions and all the BBQ Lexington has to offer, Fly High Lexington’s courtesy cars will get you where you need to go.   Just ask for “Night Watch” (Black Crown Victoria), “Smokey” (White Crown Victoria), or “The Bandit” (Town Car) and you’ll be traveling from the airport in a well-maintained and reliable vehicle.



“Night Watch”

An all-black, 2011 Ford Crown VictoriaNight Watch Crew Car Interceptor, “Night Watch” saw service with the men and women of the Sheriff’s office.  Equipped with a 100 watt spotlight, “Night Watch” had patrolled the towns and back roads of the County, watching out for bad guys.  “Night Watch” is now ready to transport pilots and passengers of the Davidson County Airport safely and comfortably to anywhere they need to go.


  • Severe Duty Equipment
  • High Performance Powertrain
  • Aluminum Driveshaft
  • Calibrated Speedometer
  • Steel Rims
  • Large, Comfortable Seats
  • 100 watt Spotlight


Smokey Crew CarIntroducing “Smokey”, a Ford Crown Victoria.  “Smokey” began life in 1999 as a police cruiser, and spent many years keeping the streets safe for the people of Lexington (see “The Bandit” story).  It offers many features not available in standard cars.

It features:

  • “Severe Duty” equipment
  • High performance powertrain
  • Aluminum driveshaft
  • Calibrated speedometer
  • Steel rims
  • Large, comfortable seats
  • 134,946 miles

“The Bandit”

The Bandit Crew CarEnter “The Bandit”, a 1987 Lincoln Town Car.  “The Bandit” has a long history of intrigue and infamy.  Although we will never know for certain, it has been said that a gentleman gangster, known for his refined taste in automobiles, purchased “The Bandit” and used it while cruising the streets of his empire.  After many years, the gangster was finally busted; and was taken to jail in the back of “Smokey”, the very Crown Vic that we also have.  After the gangster was taken down, all of his vast wealth was buried in a big field and “The Bandit” was hidden in a barn, waiting for him to bust out of jail.  He never did, but “The Bandit” was found, and now happily carries passengers from the Davidson County Airport to all the fine BBQ restaurants around…at least that’s what we heard.