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FAA Pilot Examiners

Zenda Leiss FAA Pilot ExaminerZenda Liess

Zenda Liess is a designated FAA Pilot Examiner  in North Carolina. She first became a Designated Pilot Examiner in October, 1998. She gives check rides for all aircraft certificates and ratings, from Light Sport Pilot through ATP, as well as CFI renewals, reinstatements, and add-on ratings.

Zenda learned to fly in 1991 and has logged, including check rides, over 10,000 hours of flight time. She diverted to the regional airline carrier, Atlantic Southeast Airlines, from 1995 through 1997, before deciding that she was much more content in general aviation. She is an avid participant and speaker at the FAASTeam events in the North Carolina and Virginia regions.

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Zenda Liess

David LackeyDavid Lackey FAA Pilot Examiner

David Lackey is a designated FAA Pilot Examiner who grew up in Winston Salem and started flying in 1980. He attended Guilford Tech and Embry Riddle where he obtained duel Associate Degrees in Aviation and Aviation Management and later a Bachelor of Science in Aviation.

David also holds an Associate degree in Photography and a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a minor in Archeology.

David holds an ATP Pilot Certificate and is a Flight instructor in airplane single, multi and instrument. He has logged more than 15,000 hours and he became a certified FAA Pilot Examiner on June 1, 1998.

In his spare time David collects Native American artifacts and he is a turkey hunting guide who holds a patent on his own turkey call

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David Lackey
Cell: 704-202-2610