Meet the Crew

Karel Van Der Linden

Owner/Airport Manager
Call sign – Kalucho
Favorite Aircraft – King Air

Jack Robertson

General Manager
Call sign – Belly Tank
Favorite Aircraft – Grumman Goose

Mari-Elena Baldwin

Director of Sales and Marketing
Call sign – Maritje
Favorite Aircraft – Gulfstream V

Jay Yount

Line Service Technician
Call sign - Jaybird
Favorite Aircraft - Stinson Voyager

David Barnhardt

Line Service Technician
Call sign – Barney
Favorite Aircraft – J-3 Cub / Super Cub

Bob Carrothers

Line Service Technician
Call sign – Sabre
Favorite Aircraft – BE-200

David Ramsey

Line Service Technician
Call sign - The Marine
Favorite Aircraft - Eclipse EA50

Ian Newsome

Line Service Technician
Call sign – Robbie's Son
Favorite Aircraft – Citabria

Matthew Wall

Line Service Technician,
Cadet at The Citadel
Call sign- Bulldog
Favorite Aircraft- TBM 700

Shawn DeForest

Line Service Technician
Call sign – Bart
Favorite Aircraft – FH-227

Jacob Beauchamp

Line Service Technician
Call sign – JB
Favorite Aircraft – P-51 Mustang

Mitch Gaither

Flight Instructor
Call sign – Spanky
Favorite Aircraft – Cessna 195

Tommy Winnett

Owner, Blue Sky Aviation Adventures
Chief Flight Instructor
Call Sign – Wild Card
Favorite Aircraft – C-172

Kareline Van Der Linden

Future Director of Business Research
Call sign – K-line
Favorite Aircraft – P180 Avanti II (Piaggio)
Occupation – Instructor, University of Aruba

Alexander Van Der Linden

Future Test Pilot
Call sign - Vandy
Favorite Aircraft - Bonanza
Occupation - 2nd Lt. USAF

Brandon Van Der Linden

Future Security Chief
Call sign - Big B
Favorite Aircraft - King Air
Occupation - Student Auburn University/USN ROTC


Davidson County Airport
Lexington, NC, USA

Fuel: Shell (Avgas/Jet A)
Runway: 5004’
Elevation: 733’ MSL
Hours: 8am to 8pm
Unicom: 122.8
Ramp Space: 7 acres
AWOS/ASOS: 119.825
App/Dep: Greensboro App 118.5
GSO Approach – 336-333-5119
Approaches: ILS, LOC, VOR-DME, GPS

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