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5 Reasons People Love Aircraft Rental

Aircraft rental is versatile, and people enjoy it for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you’re new to flying, or a seasoned veteran, there is a place for private plane rental in your life. Here are just 5 reasons why people choose renting that will have you thinking, “Where can I find a plane rental near me?”

(1) Convenience

Aircraft rental is convenient! Just give us a call to schedule your time, and we’ll have it ready and fueled up for you. There’s no need to perform or pay for any maintenance, just enjoy a flight whenever you like.

(2) Mission Flexible

Whether you are in the mood for an aerial tour or looking to destination hop, airplane rentals are great for personal or business reasons. Are you flying alone or want to bring some friends? You can rent a plane depending on the number of passengers you want to fly.

(3) Gain Experience

Many new and seasoned pilots enjoy flying different types of aircraft to gain experience at handling. If you purchase a plane, you are limited to just the one you own. Renting other plans allows you to expand your knowledge of instrumentation and develop new skills – something you will need if you want to gain additional licenses!

(4) Reduced Costs

Most recreational pilots fly around 50 hours a year, which means that renting will be significantly cheaper than ownership. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the hassle or cost of storage and maintenance.

(5) Try Before You Buy

The plane you train in may not be the one you would consider buying, so renting different planes gives you an opportunity to look for features you want in your personal aircraft. At FlyHigh Lexington, we offer a classic Cessna 182 for rental. It is maintained in-house by our expert aircraft mechanics, Superior Aero Services LLC. The Cessna 182 is perfect for a joyride over scenic NC. Our goal is to make flying accessible, which is why we offer discounted block rates and impeccable service. Come fly with us today!

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