The staff at High Point Airport at Fly High Lexington often finds it incredible to think just how far the airline industry has come. A hundred years ago, engineers were still analyzing airplanes to make sure that they were reliable enough for commercial flight (and for military purposes as well) – but now, there are individuals that take hundreds of flights per year for personal reasons, business, and otherwise. In fact, in 2018, over 4 billion passengers were carried by airplane to destinations of all kinds. It doesn’t matter whether you are a blue-collar professional working hard to make ends meet, or an affluent executive – the truth is that there is a good chance that you can afford convenient air travel.

Thousands of people come to High Point for various reasons but mostly because it is considered a hub for the global furnishings industry. When it comes selecting a High Point, NC airport – one option that absolutely must be considered is Fly High Lexington at the Davidson County Airport. For those who might not be familiar with the airport, it is proud to serve the Lexington, Thomasville, High Point and Piedmont Triad regions, offering convenient access to the surrounding areas.

About The High Point Airport

One of the reasons many people love Fly High Lexington, and make it their first choice when it comes to High Point, NC airports, is the fact that it offers a 5,000 foot runway that can comfortably handle aircraft up to 60,000 pounds. Fly High Lexington also believes in no facility fees, which are possible with simply a minimum fuel purchase. The airport’s approach to customer service and convenience sets it apart from other High Point, NC airports. Hangar space is readily available and there is also a full service maintenance facility for those who require it. Fly High Lexington was established in 2010 and is a full service FBO.   High Point Airport at Fly High Lexington

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Of course, this isn’t all Fly High Lexington has to offer. While some are simply looking for close and convenient High Point, NC airports – the facility also offers the NC Flight School, an affordable way to introduce friends and family to the joy and excitement of aviation. Fly High Lexington has certified flight instructors that can teach classes based on whether you are attempting to become a private pilot, commercial pilot, want to enjoy a discovery flight, or simply want to enjoy yourself.

The facility is also known for its competitive fuel prices, and it’s hard to find a High Point, NC airport that can compete with them. In addition, a fuel rebate program is available for customers who choose to base their aircraft at the airport making Fly High Lexington the obvious choice for your needs when it comes to corporate and private travel.

Fly High Lexington knows that sometimes, business meetings need to be set up in a hurry which is why a conference room is available for organizations to rent. There is even a Lexington BBQ Lunch Buffet option and morning and afternoon snacks are available, as well. If needed, there are even overnight rooms available, along with rental cars, crew cars, and catering.

The company truly goes above and beyond to meet the needs of your company, and ensure your comfort. Whether you’re visiting High Point, NC for a business meeting, Furnitureland South, High Point University, The High Point Market, or for a High Point Rockers game, KEXX is your convenient route into and out of High Point, NC. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in flight school, aircraft maintenance, a conference room, or a fly-in package for a vacation or enjoyable weekend – Fly High Lexington has it all, and clearly is the first option when it comes to choosing a High Point, NC airport.

Of course, Fly High Lexington hasn’t forgotten about the community and understands its role in it, which is why they host the Communities in Schools Big Toy Day, held in the August of every year. The facility also offers limo service and rental car service, as well. So if you are planning a trip to High Point, call the team at Fly High Lexington and they will take care of the logistics.


Davidson County Airport
Lexington, NC, USA

Fuel: Titan (Avgas/Jet A)
Runway: 5004’
Elevation: 733’ MSL
Hours: 8am to 8pm
Unicom: 122.8
Ramp Space: 7 acres
AWOS/ASOS: 119.825
App/Dep: Greensboro App 118.5
GSO Approach – 743-222-6129 
Approaches: ILS/LOC RWY 06, RNAV (GPS) RWY 06/24

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