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The High Point Rockers

Although it might be easier said than done, there are many ways for a city to rejuvenate itself economically. There are cities that might offer tax credits for a certain industry such as the film industry that leads movie studios to film movies there leading to millions and sometimes even billions of dollars to be spent in the local economy. There are other cities that might work on encouraging and fostering an arts/cultural scene that eventually garners national attention, and an increase in tourism. We also all know that cities all over the world love sports, and that’s why High Point decided to add a new baseball team (The High Point Rockers) which will lead to more revenue and visitors, and which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the High Point Airport, local businesses, and the overall community as a whole.

About The High Point Rockers

High Point RockersThe High Point Rockers were founded in 2018 but will begin play in 2019 in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, after the completion of the BB&T Point ballpark. For those who might be unaware, BB&T is a bank holding company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and boasts over 2000 branches in the country. The team owner of the High Point Rockers is Frank Boulton (the league owner) who also owns the Long Island Ducks, and the coach is Frank Viola. Viola is famous for being a starting pitcher for the Minnesota Twins during the 1990s. The team has already begun signing players, including Seth Manness, who is a former Major League pitcher. Maness is actually returning to his home state of North Carolina. Two additional pitchers, Antonio Nunez and Akeel Morris, have joined the team and Morris used to play MLB, as well.

About The Stadium

The mayor of High Point, Jay Wagner, has stated that he believes the stadium will be the catalyst for the entire transformation of downtown High Point. He stated that they hoped to have “$99 million worth of new development within 10 years”, and the stadium itself will cost $36 million. There is no question that thanks to sports fans and those in the sports business – there will be much more traffic through High Point Airport, and more individuals eating at High Point restaurants and visiting High Point shops and other businesses. The mayor also referenced the fact that the stadium will bring in “sidewalk life” and help to revitalize the area in general.

Astroturf has already been installed but the stadium will not just focus on sports, it will be a multi-purpose stadium as well. Specifically, it will include a children’s museum and convention center that will undoubtedly draw in visitors for other purposes.

New Developments

One of the great things about a new team coming to a town is that so many interesting decisions get to be made. The mascot for the team was revealed to be a horse, although the team is now taking submissions for what the mascot’s name should be. The name will be announced on Opening Day.

The team has also showed off their new uniforms, as well. There was a celebration recently where hundreds gathered to celebrate the fact that the first High Point Rockers game will take place in less than a month. There was all sorts of family-friendly entertainment at the celebration, including bounce houses, food trucks, a corn hole set, and raffles. Many locals commented that they had never experienced anything like it in downtown High Point. Many pointed out that baseball is an American tradition that truly brings people together and can lead to a new sense of local pride.

The High Point Rockers will have a huge effect on the community and this also means that construction and commercial projects will probably be stimulated thanks to increased visitors, whether they are road-tripping or traveling through the High Point Airport, a short drive away in Lexington, NC. Of course, if the team is extremely successful; the economic boon that the community receives will only be increased dramatically. There is tangible excitement and anticipation all around the town, and that can also be confirmed through the fact that ticket sales are growing fast.