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The Scoop On Airplane Rental

At Fly High Lexington, we aim to be your favorite place for a no-hassle, affordable airplane rental. If it’s your first time renting a plane, you’ll want to check for a few things at the FBO (fixed-base operator) to ensure the best experience possible. Knowing what to look for in an airplane rental helps you find the best provider and can save you money!

Rates And What They Mean

Generally, most FBOs will list an hourly rate for a rental. The rate may be specified as a “wet” or “dry” hourly price. Simply put, a “wet” rate includes fuel, and a “dry” rate does not. Don’t be caught off guard by extra charges for fuel! Similar to car rental policies, a wet rate allows you to return without filling the tank, which may be preferable due to convenience. We offer a flat $190/hr wet rate – no surprises! If you plan to fly more than a few hours, inquire about block rates. Fly High offers the following block discount rates:
  • 10 hours at $180/hr
  • 20 hours at $170/hr

Check Maintenance Records

Renting a properly maintained aircraft is perhaps the most important thing you can do. Don’t be shy about asking for maintenance records. At Fly High, we offer full-service aircraft maintenance and repair on-site, so you can be sure our rental airplanes are always in top shape. Our meticulously maintained Cessna 182 features:
  • Overhauled Continental O-470-R, 230 hp
  • New McCauley 3 blade propeller
  • New Garmin GTX with ADS-B in and out
  • Garmin 430 WAAS
  • Dual NavComs
In addition, it is new from the firewall forward and IFR certified.

Airplane Rental vs. Ownership

Especially if you’re a new pilot, the thought of purchasing your own plane can be overwhelming. Between storage and maintenance, it’s a large commitment. Aircraft rental can be the perfect first step in your flying journey – or how you always choose to fly. It’s cost-effective and convenient, especially if you have a flexible schedule or don’t fly frequently. You’ll get the benefits of a personal aircraft without the hassle of taking care of it. Regardless of your circumstances, we want flying to be accessible to everyone in Lexington! To learn more about airplane rental with Fly High, give us a call or fill out an inquiry form online. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the rental process.

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